Despite increasing awareness about neurodiversity and representation in the media, students with learning disabilities still face stigma and often fall between the cracks in the traditional education system.

While countless successful adults with exciting careers and advanced degrees have come clean about their diagnoses of disorders such as ADD, school is notoriously challenging for even the brightest student who is struggling in a rigid and restrictive system—one that is not built for them.

Finding an Alternative Special Education System

 Oftentimes parents are reluctant to pull their kids out of public school, hoping that an IEP will be enough to help their child succeed alongside their peers. However, sometimes the best option is moving your child from the traditional system to one that is better suited for them.

Parents across the Grand Rapids area have approached us with fears and concerns relating to their children’s potential for success: common questions relate to learning differences and school bullying, perceived academic failure, self-esteem issues, and future post-secondary goals. We believe in the inherent potential of all of our students, rejoicing at their differences rather than condemning them.

Offering Hope and Guidance 

At Lake Michigan Academy, we have offered hope to many of these parents by providing their children with a safe space to learn at their own pace and with respect to their specific challenges. Our school is staffed with experts in education for students with disabilities and our class sizes are notably smaller than what your child is probably accustomed to.

Unlike teachers who have only ever worked in the public school system, a special education teacher can provide the kind of one-on-one, patient, and compassionate guidance your child needs to succeed. Helping children with learning disabilities is a profoundly rewarding career path that all of our staff have chosen due to their passion for seeing all Michigan children meet their highest potential in academics and in life.