Teaching Differently for Those Who Learn Differently

Our students are intelligent, inquisitive, have a high academic potential, and have a learning disability and/or ADHD.

Our students are a part of a community of learners of grades 1-12 and school staff who share the belief that different is good.

Our students are active participants in small, multi-age classes at the elementary, middle school or high school levels for core instruction and small group classes for remediation and support in areas of need such as reading, writing, math and organizational strategies.

Some of our students are eligible for special education and receive services through a Non Public Service Plan (an IEP); all of our students receive accommodations to enhance their strengths and support their weaknesses in all learning environments.

Click below to learn more about the areas of learning disabilities our student experience.

ADD/ADHD          Dyslexia          Dysgraphia          Dyscalculia
Auditory Processing Disorder & Central Auditory Processing Disorder