How to Apply – A Step in the Right Direction

  1. Call to schedule a free Intake Interview with the CEO, Nanette Clatterbuck, 616-464-3330.
  2. Parent collects the following paperwork for Intake Interview:
    1. Neuro-Psych Evaluation completed within the last 3 years
    2. Individual Education Plan or 504 Plan
    3. Documentation with diagnosis of a learning disability
    4. Recent report card or progress report
  3. What to expect during the Intake Interview:
    1. Parents meet with the director
    2. Discuss child in detail including what he/she likes outside of the educational setting
    3. Discuss our program and given a tour
    4. Paperwork is copied
  4. Schedule a student program visit
    1. Students spend a partial day exploring classes
    2. Student has an informal interview with director to discuss the program visit
  5. Admissions Committee reviews paperwork and receives feedback from teaching staff regarding the program visit.
    1. Director will contact you with feedback with eligibility for the program
  6. Complete application and send in $25 fee with all required documentation
  7. Complete and turn in tuition assistance application with all required documentation
  8. Tuition assistance committee reviews application to determine eligibility
  9. Once accepted by committee, notice of acceptance is sent out with start date, and tuition agreement sent
  10. Registration Fee of $250 is required before start date to hold a seat