We Take a Different Approach to Teaching

Lake Michigan Academy employs certified teachers and experts in the field of learning disabilities. LMA faculty actively collaborate with other staff members, students, parents, and our surrounding communities. Their variety of experiences and certifications creates an enriched and dynamic learning community.
We believe that learning is an active, transformative experience, and the best learning methods incorporate multiple modalities (visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile). Classroom teachers develop lessons and curriculum to incorporate active learning experiences throughout the content areas.
We believe that learning should be given a context and a purpose. Teachers work collaboratively to develop structured sequences of lessons aligned with Michigan Content Standards and developmentally appropriate expectations to frame student learning and build abstract thinking.
We believe that students should experience success, learn to deal with failure without fear, and develop a sense of responsibility for their own actions within a structured atmosphere.

Our teachers and staff work to facilitate these successes in the classrooms as well as in our communities through volunteer work, field trips, internships and other community experiences.