​What our Parents Have to Say




“We were blown away by the positive impact the LMA Summer School had on our son! I had nearly given up the search for a summer program that would provide that boost my son needed.  He struggled in school and we were afraid that without a structured program he would slide back over the summer.  This school seemed to be just what we were looking for.  It took only one week for my normally shy son to feel comfortable.  He was waving hello and goodbye to the other students and more importantly he really liked school.  And he was learning a lot!  My husband and I were so happy with this program that we made the decision to move him to LMA full time.  Whether your child normally attends LMA or any other school; this is a program worth looking at!”

​“Lake Michigan Academy gave our son so much more than a great education. They provided an environment where he felt safe and comfortable. The staff took pains to relieve his anxiety and to teach him social skills. LMA made him a happier child, and we will always be grateful.”
– Beth K.

“The staff is genuine, real, loving and supportive. I had the opportunity to attend a number of school functions and field trips so I got to see the staff up close. It’s a very demanding job and they really put their heart in it.”
– Parent

“I’ve always known my son was smart but his struggles to focus made it nearly impossible for him to do well in school. I used to feel like I was sending him off to war each morning, praying he’d be able to somehow find a way to navigate through his day having learned something and with his self-esteem intact. ᅠLake Michigan Academy has enabled me, for the first time in his educational career, to feel like I’m a part of a team that truly understands my son and works to meet him where he is so that he can not only learn, but excel. They bring knowledge and tools into the equation that would have taken me a life time to learn while my son continued to struggle. Best of all, he loves school, he’s fascinated with learning, and knows that he’s pretty amazing just the way he is.”
– Erin

“In the public school setting my son was overwhelmed and, therefore, unable to work to his potential. Shortly after transferring mid-year to LMA I saw a dramatic positive transformation in not only his grades, but also in his overall attitude. His increased self-esteem is exhibited in his walk, his talk and his willingness to complete tasks. ᅠWhen you know you are in a place in which you can be successful, it makes you WANT to be successful. ᅠMy son went from being overwhelmed and earning C’s in the public school setting to being challenged appropriately and earning A’s. Thanks Lake Michigan Academy!”
– Beth

“After homeschooling, my son was very nervous about transitioning to a traditional school setting given his pronounced challenges in reading and a low self-esteem. He bonded very quickly with the teachers and students and excelled beyond everyone’s expectations.ᅠ He quickly started volunteering to lead school tours and read out loud in his English class the first year – something that was not expected.ᅠ My son found in LMA a VERY supportive environment to address his learning challenges and fears.”
– Steve