Our Board of Directors

Fred Burkhart
Gardner Linn Burkhart & Ondersma LLP
​Board Member Since 2020

Dave Weinandy
Aquinas College
​Board Member Since 2019

Matt Cole
​Board Member Since 2013

Moira Wessell
Alvarez & Masal
Board Member Since 2019

Chuck & Jan Stoddard

Honorary Advisors


Philip Wood


In loving memory of Mr. Philip Wood who was a founding member and served on our Board of Directors from 1985-2019. Mr. Wood donated numerous hours over the years as he worked to help our school grow and flourish.
A memorial fund for tuition assistance has been established in his name.

Brandon Potts
Board Member Since 2021

Lindsey Lopez
Board Member Since 2021

Scott Linder
​Board Member Since 2021

Robert Sweezie
ITS Partners
​Board Member Since 2015

Diane Vallilee
The Wordsmiths (Retired)
Board Member Since 2016

Robert Woodhouse Jr.
The Woodhouse Group
​Board Member Since 2012

Lynn Baker
​Board Member Since 2022


Benjamin Wieringa
Board Member Since 2022

Melanie Schiele Gady
Board Member Since 2023