Oftentimes, when parents are considering resources for their child with learning disabilities, they become overwhelmed by the plethora of options available. Though it is a wonderful thing that so many resources exist for parents, families, and educators in 2021, it can be intimidating to sort through the array of possibilities and decide what is best, specifically, for your child.

After all, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Despite the fact that many learning disabilities—including ADHD and dyslexia—present similarly in many students, not every case will resemble the next. This means that clinicians, parents, and special education teachers alike should advocate for a child using a compassionate, holistic approach.

Signs You Might Need to Hire a Tutor

Although we are staffed with fantastic, well-trained educators, and our selective enrolment permits teachers more time to spend one-on-one with each student, we understand that sometimes you might need a little extra help outside the classroom.

This is where an at-home tutor can be a great source of additional guidance. We typically recommend tutoring sessions for students when they are failing to master a specific subject, significantly delayed in one area, struggling to stay focused and organized while completing homework, or simply wishing to get ahead—such as in the case of college-bound students.

Making the Transition to Special Education

Most of our student body is made up of children who previously attended traditional public schools and found the system was not well-equipped to handle their learning differences, so there is often a window of time during which students adapt to their new surroundings and learn to thrive at Lake Michigan Academy.

However, tutors can definitely speed up the process and help them catch up more quickly. The more time students spend re-learning subject matter that they struggle with, the more likely they are to retain the information long-term and excel academically.

Thinking about hiring a tutor? We provide many local resources for Grand Rapids families who wish to explore this option.